For this project I used my old Athlon 1400 Computer running Windows XP Pro.


Update 07/15/2007! - Upgraded the computer. The old 1400 wasn't able to run the new games like House of the Dead 3 at an acceptable speed, so I picked up a bunch of scrap parts and built a new PC. Here is the new config:


The entire cabinet is powered by the SmartStrip from Bits Limited. The cool part about this power strip is that is has one outlet that works as the switch for all of the other outlets. When the SmartStrip detects a draw of power on the "control" outlet, it will then give power to all of the other outlets. So when I turn the computer on, the SmartStrip senses a draw and then sends power to the TV, the marquee light, the track ball light, the coin door lights, and everything else. When the pc is shutdown, everthing else also powers down.